SynDevKit: the Syndicate Development Kit

SynDevKit is a open development environment for creating you own music using a DSP (when the code is targeted for the ADSP-218x line of processors, it is known as 8x-SynDevKit). a wide variety of signal generators, FX, and envelopes are included, along with methods of controlling and sequencing each of these functions. because the entire software environemnt is open and visible, it is possible to affect changes on parameters that other "open" or "modular" music environments wouldn't dare allow you to do. or course, there's a very good chance that you'll crash the processor (ha!), but SynDevKit provides the opportunity to experiment in ways that have not been seen before.

what are some of the defining features of SynDevKit?

over a dozen generators, includes basic waveforms in virtual analog (VA) synthesis, tweaked karplus strong (KS) generators, and many unique synthesizers
multiple FX modules, including state-variable filters (SVF), bitmasking, waveshapers, and other novel functions to sculpt and crunch sound
multiple envelopes types and stereo pan available on all audio outputs
a flexible step sequencer, with support for unlimited number of tracks (limited only by available memory and computational power), control tracks to automate feeding new parameters into generators/FX, individually configurable sequence lengths, swing, and probabilistic sequencing
methods of automatically modifying SynDevKit parameters with LFOs (with sample/hold and configurable waveforms) and envelopes
Perl scripts for simplifying composition and managing projects
codified methodology of sequencing and controlling events at the "measure" level of abstraciton
methods of creating single DSP executables that contain multiple songs

when will 8x-Syndevkit be available?

an exact date hasn't been set, but, it should be soon. honest! currently it works with both our custom designed hardware and on the ADSP-2181 EZ-Kit Lite. when the software is released it will continue to work with the EZ-Kit and (hopefully, eventually) with DSP hardware designed by Analog Devices 3rd parties.

if you want to find out more about SynDevKit, email me at syndevkit [at] dspmusic [dot] org and i'll keep in touch with you.

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