8x-SynDevKit/chiclet music

all of the tracks linked on this page are created solely by SynDevKit running in realtime - (except for at times a bit of post-processing compression) . the production values could certainly be improved, but i want to keep this project as pure as possible. oh, and i should also say that the name i record under is 'etsi vs etsu'.

one-off tracks:

lobster lemonade (less sour mix) various noise generators, droning/plodding bass, and musicbox melody. to be a part of scomp2004, a compilation for a good cause.
micromonkey another dancy track - electro-ish i suppose.
minivida excerpt from track (a collaberation with the DSP Music Syndicate) which won 3rd place at vidalife
untitled electro (supposedly) electroclash meets isan

cambridge ma usa

all of these tracks were played at an after-party for boston cyberarts at a bar called rivergods.

rivergods1 floaty ambient with increasing dischordancies
rivergods2 tribalish techno with weird lead
rivergods3 glitchy melodic sinewaves, frequencies determined by markov models
rivergods4 quite simple electro, ascending/descending leads, kinda bleh ;)
rivergods5 'thicker' electro than rivergods4, a showcase for rotational synthesis
rivergods6 harmonically related sinewaves slowly detuning and shifting phase
rivergods7 noisy outtro, features massive buffer overflows

the cellar
cambridge ma usa

my first show ever, at the defunct evening called 'the appliance of science'. a few of these songs are earlier versions of tracks played at rivergods, but this set is notable because everything was played on a single 33 MHz processor (using about 58kbytes) in real-time. get it here.

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